In the Geek's Toolbox

Every tech geek has to have a toolbox. The toolbox will generally be for small things like opening stuff up and putting stuff together. In Malaysia, I bought a dedicated computer toolkit that'll cover just about most things you need to do. Here in Australia,without that toolkit, I've collected a unique set of tools that will do another series of things I happen to perform often.

From the left:

1. A digital multimeter - I bought this since it was on offer at Jaycar. I would've preferred getting hold of a more traditional analog one, which I'd imagine will happen eventually.

2. Screwdriver bits  and screwdriver (at position 6) - Essential for opening up just about anything. The bits let me deal with just about any kind of screw you find in a computer, and even XBOXes and XBOX 360s.

3. Pliers - Essential for any toolbox. If you need an explanation, then I guess you don't own a toolbox, or have never actually done anything. If I stay any longer in Australia, this will soon grow into a repertoire of cutters and crimpers.

4 & 5 & 7. - Small specialty screwdrivers -  If you've ever dealt with small proprietary-ish screws on electronics, you've probably got a set of these. Small flatheads, Philips heads, Torx heads and even a Triwing to let you open most small electronic devices, be it a Nintendo DS, mobile phone, or even *gasp* an XBOX 360 controller! (Yes, 5 is the mini equivalent of 2 and 6, but occasionally provides a little too much torque when tightening small screws.)

I know my toolbox isn't much, not to mention the mandatory soldering iron and solder are missing, but I intend to rectify that eventually. (Yes, I have a bad habit of opening up my consoles. So what?)