Back to Multitasking

For the two previous months, I've been using just my desktop computer and leaving my powerbook on the shelf. Well guess what - it's back on my desktop again. Why? I need my second screen again. My multitasking has taken one hell of a crazy turn. Apparently, my difficulty to pay attention to any single thing for very long does come with its perks.

Among the crazier things I've done at the same time? Writing tests in Python while watching Pirates of the Caribbean and playing Freecell (I do stop watching Pirates when I need to concentrate though). And now? I'm watching some movie while playing Freecell again.

I'm back to being on MSN really often again, since that's what the second screen is mainly for now. Why do I need the second screen? I have started gaming a lot again. I've restarted Eternal Sonata and hope to finish it by the end of the holidays. That's not to mention that I've decided to go back to Neverwinter Nights - and this time, I've got the expansion packs too! (getting it working properly on Vista was no trivial task though).

One has to wonder if I'll advance to having more computers, more servers and more keyboards and more mice at my table one fine day.

I've decided to plot a weekly plan out instead of using the currently confusing 3 days one plan (which I don't stick to anyway). (Hint: M/W/F)