Catching Up On Anime and Manga

I realised I haven't been posting much about anime lately. I'm no longer following Bleach, and the two series I was following - CLANNAD and kimikiss pure rouge - have ended their runs. On the other hand, I've been switching to manga. Manga consumes less of my time, although I can't read it before going to sleep since reading manga consumes considerably more brainpower than watching anime does - which translates to more difficuity falling asleep.

I stopped following CLANNAD and Kimikiss when I was in Malaysia, and I've finally caught up with the endings - and I'm quite satisfied with both. CLANNAD is getting an AFTER STORY arc which is really great news - and the Bleach manga after so many months of fighting - has given us a little back story.

What does that translate to? More studying and more gaming. The course finally has got the difficulty slope I was looking for - and I'm bloody happy about it. I've done slightly more gaming, given the few RPGs I haven't completed yet.

I still have the move (of accomodation) to worry about, so unfortunately those few good blog post ideas I had will have to wait until later. Don't worry, I still remember that I haven't written that Nintendo Wii gaming cost estimate and revisit of my old analysis. And just so I won't forget - I'm going to write a post about going to uni (not what it sounds like).

Chances are I'll post more when I've found and confirmed a new place to move into - expect photos of the new place - and I'll probably be less anxious then, so my posts should take on a lighter tone. Until then, if you see an unannounced hiatus - you know why.