The First Chapter of the Fantasy of War

The ongoing story that I'm writing into this blog is actually the main portion of the Fantasy of War, something that happens a very long time after this first chapter I'm talking about in the previous post. Fantasy of War as with some good storylines is developed and imagined in reverse, with the ending coming first - and the beginning coming last. This first chapter I speak of is merely chronologically first. This by no means is the beginning of the story. The beginning of the story is already right here on this blog. That's the beginning of the story.

This first game/chapter is a flashback from the present time storyline - and this is the a major portion that could actually be told in a short game. At present, it has no connection whatsoever to the current storyline - but all will become clear in time.

I've decided that one of the experiences in my dream made for a good beginning to the first chapter, which is actually the development of one of the more important concepts in the Fantasy of War - the concept of a greater power. In a sense, it's one of the wackier sides of the Fantasy of War, but an important one.

After all, there is no greater fantasy of war than of one involving far greater, far more powerful beings which cannot be described in any way but abstract.

Expect the story to begin like my dream - your main character arrives in a trains with others, gains a short briefing about the world - and soon after, your main character's goals will come into view, together with what you need to do to get them accomplished.