The First Game I Beat

While surfing Kotaku yesterday, I came across this interesting article. "What Was The First Game You Beat?" So, that got me thinking, what was the first game I beat? And then it dawned upon me - I had no idea! I kept thinking back and back and back. First, I thought back to my computer gaming days. First, I thought of Command and Conquer: Red Alert, which I quickly dismissed in favour of Warcraft 2. (I never finished Red Alert, but I did finish Warcraft 2.)

And then, I remembered - that there were games I played before that! EA Kids material and Wing Commander 2! I did complete Wing Commander 2, but there was a game a completed before that - Eagle Eye Mysteries! Oh, the wonders of old games.

I thought back even further - to my Micro Genius IQ1000 and Game Boy. I never truly beat any game on either of those consoles - Pokemon Yellow didn't come out until long after my first computer games were beaten. The only game I came close to beating on my Micro Genius was probably an arcade port of TMNT. I now have the XBLA trial version, and it's barely recognisable to me.

But there were games that I played that came on 5.25" diskettes. So, I can safely say that the first game I played and beat was some version of Math Maze. I'm not even sure if that's the name anymore. I know that it involved doing math, and going through a maze. And somehow, if you met a dragon and failed to answer the math question, it would be game over - and it'd play some version of Greensleeves to commemorate your death.

And that's the first game I beat. Math Maze. I think. If you could count that as a game.

The last game I beat? Well you all know that if you read the right sidebar - Mass Effect.