The Tasks I Set Out to Do

I realise I'm quite fond of revisiting old posts, so here I am, posting again as a revisit. If you remember, two weeks ago, I posted this. So, how much of that have I done?

1. Get tertiary newspaper cards - got 'em both last week, The Age card on Monday, Herald Sun card on Wednesday.

2. Get copies of my academic transcript - got 'em two weeks ago. All the applications for the latest deadlines have been sent out. Sadly, I think I didn't get much feedback or response. :(

3. Update my blog - well, how many posts have you seen since then?

4. Raid Big W/Safeway - I raided Big W and Safeway roughly 8 times in the past two weeks.

5. Think about getting a new computer - I decided against it eventually in favour of saving the money for something else (people who know me already know what). I realise I only want it to play StarCraft II, so I'll get one when StarCraft II does come out.

6. Visit the bank - got my new card, and I'm bloody happy with it. It looks cooler, and does so much more for me.

Well, I thought I'd miss certain things, but I didn't. That being said, the movement of my Wii into my room has increased my usage of it somewhat. (Maybe an hour or two per week, instead of never.) I'm gaming a lot more regularly, and I have had significant shorter amounts of dead time for the past few weeks.

While I now have more free time and less hours of uni per week, looks like I can look forward to a very very enjoyable year, be it study, work, or play.