My Desk - Revisited

Two years ago, there was a post regarding my desk and where I stored my stuff: click here. I've decided that now I've moved to a new place, it's time I update it with my new table! The last time you saw my table, it looked like this: My Room Last Year

I've changed the layout of my room and now have a new desk lamp!


I won't be numbering everything like last time (since it's not that cluttered), but I think it's always a good idea to tell you what's in the photo so you can look for it. :D

Let's take a closer look at the left side of the photo: desk_lefthalf.jpg

Items in the photo: 1. Empty IKEA food container. 2. Spindle of Verbatim DVD-Rs. 3. Left speaker. 4. Chimei 22" monitor - if you can guess what website this is, heh. 5. Pack of sweets. 6. Electric shaver. 7. fx-570w calculator 8. Green highlighter 9. Plug converter. 10. Ruler. 11. Safeway receipt. 12. IKEA receipts. 13. Green USB hub. 14. Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Then, what about the right side of the photo? desk_righthalf.jpg Items in the photo: 1. PowerBook G4 1.5GHz 2. Right speaker. 3. Pair of IKEA scissors. 4. Yellow highlighter (not easily visible) 5. Camera. 6. Toilet paper. 7. Loads of stationery and receipts. 8. VX Revolution. 9. MX610. 10. Plastic spork/foon. 11. 1GB thumbdrive. 12. Desk lamp! Woo-hoo!

Underneath the table: 13. All-in-one printer. 14. Box of Magic commons. 15. File of stuff to settle with uranium238. 16. Box file for books and stuff.

What is not in any photo but underneath the table: Consoles and CD files containing games for those consoles, headphones, loads of AC adapters (I mean LOADS.)