Switching of Schedule - And About Wasting Time

Obviously, a daily schedule doesn't fit one who procastinates like me. While I did like posting something every day for a week or two, as with every time I start such a stint, I already know I can't keep it up for very long, even if I wanted to. For the foreseeable future, I'll try to keep to a long post every three days, so that I post at least ten posts a month. In truth, I could keep up the daily rant thing, but I figure that I shouldn't. Number one - I'm unfortunately someone who easily succumbs to writer's block, and literally can't write anything for long periods of time. Number two - I'm going to be busy soon. I'm involved with SIFE, an unnamed project, and a new section of the cfgt.net site (from the looks of it, it'll have some kind of story going - still part of my Fantasy of War ;) ).

This is not even taking into account my university work (bound to pile up since this year is supposed to be a difficult and challenging year), my gaming (required to keep me sane) and constant long periods of zero productivity of any sort. I'm trying to cut off those long periods of doing nothing, but I get them a lot. There are just those times when you feel like doing something, just not programming, not studying, not blogging, not gaming, not watching anime, not watching reality shows, not watching TV, but just sitting around chatting with people online, surfing the net for funnies or even doing research on something you're ultimately not going to buy.

This waste of time ultimately hurts me - but is somehow necessary. I've been trying to cut it down since last year, but with no success - my consoles are a good example of this attempt, as well as my reentry into programming. While I have cut into it somewhat significantly, there are still a good number of spoilt days (usually due to classes being in strange gaps). I'm hoping the section of the site will soon remedy that, since I intend to work on it in those strange gaps - in addition to the now new music games filling in those gaps (being the only games I don't have to get into a particular mood to play).

While I can't truly be considered a procrastinator, since I plan my work very well. I've never actually had to rush for a deadline before, and I do work in chunks what I'm never interested enough to do in one shot. I even plan days around those last few days when my motivation to finish the assignment takes over to be free of any other distractions - or if there are those I can't avoid - enough time to do it anyway.

I've realised after so long that I enjoy doing computer work. Programming is really fun for me - and I'm good at it. I love putting parts together and getting them to work - be it software or hardware. Problems and puzzles while trying to solve problems interest me greatly, and I now realise that I could've gone and studied IT. Years ago, I was afraid that I'd end up doing nothing but massive amounts of coding - and what if at some point, that became deathly boring? Now, I'm a little more certain that boredom won't be too much of a problem. If at some point, I fail to shave off more dead time, I'll consider picking up a more intensive programming project - and if I do, expect it to be the battle system for the Fantasy of War!