Another Weird Dream Part 2

Accomodation. A rather strange thing. I got off the train to what I described to be student accomodation. The rain has just stopped. First, I enter what I seem to consider my old accomodation. It is an old building with many rooms, and there are beds everywhere in the main hall, like a wartime hospital. I walk in and ignore all those beds straight to an elevator. I take the elevator up to the second floor. I speed straight to a familiar room and unlock it. Inside, I find my things. Because it's just a dream, I picture it as a heavy fluff. Imagine a really heavy comforter.

Near this room, a bed lies outside at the end of a corridor, a sign of how small my old place was. I leave the place with my stuff, knocking over a few beds in the process, and returning the now no-longer-of-use key to the office.

I head over to my new place, and get in. (I already have a key.) I have trouble finding my own room, so I knock on a door, finding about six people busy playing Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 controllers. (How six people do this is beyond me.) I ask them for help, and they ask to see my key. I show them my key, and they take me to my apartment, where I enter to find my housemate happily trodding his way through some game. I drop off my things in my room, of which my housemate seems to have dumped his things in as well. (probably some artifact of my first housemate doing the same thing).

I immediately leave for some gaming event at a concept store. After this gaming event, the dream ends - and is replaced with one a lot more dreamlike.