Another Weird Dream Part 1

This one wasn't so vivid, but it was yet another one involving a train a lot. I'll separate it into two parts: one about the train, and another about something I've dreamed about before, accomodation. First, about the train. It's a mass rapid transit kind-of train, that goes far into the suburbs. (I'm thinking I was dreaming of something similar to Melbourne's trains.) I took this train everywhere, including all the way home. This time however, I was taking this train to my university. It isn't the University of Melbourne, it's kinda further into the suburbs.

This wasn't a short train ride, mind you. It took plenty of stops before I got there. The first stop was seemed similar to a normal train station. There were a few food stalls here and there, but mostly people.

The next few stops were just desolate places with nothing there, but a few people did get off at those stops. And then, it started raining. The rain got really heavy, and at some point we started getting into forest area. It continued to rain heavily.

I walked down the train into the food section (yes, I know, peculiar that it has a food section). I find that the food section no longer exists. It's empty, and in a corner, there is a convenience store. I buy some bread and ice cream from it, and return to my bed.

The train has a stopover in a city. (Yeah, I know, it gets wacky.) This city is somewhat similar to Singapore, except with less people and slightly less tall buildings. I walk around the city to visit the hospital (what the heck?) and talk to a friend of mine, who is now a dentist. (a dentist at a hospital?) Note that it is still raining now.

I run back to the train with my friend who sees me off. The train runs off into my final destination.

(To be continued...)