A Strange Dream of Hell

Last week, I had a rather peculiar dream. Why did it take this long for me to blog about it? I was wondering. Would it be sane to talk about the stranger dreams I have? Well, I rarely describe my dreams in such detail, but I suppose. It began with sort of a prologue. I was somehow given/sold to a demon/devil for some strange reason. Oddly enough, this resulted in me having to board a train on sorts. The train station itself seemed ordinary. A train station that seemed perfectly ordinary. There are the usual newsagents around, the ticketing counters, the open space, the platforms.

A train came. A group of us, about twenty people got on this train. We got on this train, and before we knew it, the world outside it had changed. The doors opened, and we walked out. The place we got out onto was strange. It looked exactly like the train station we had left, but it was deserted. The stalls were closed. The station was run down and old. The devil/demon huddled us up to a corner.

We got somewhat of a briefing. The details were vague, but it was obvious that we weren't brought to hell or any kind of place like that. He/she/it told us that we would be called upon when needed, but until then, we were free to wander this world. It was a strange world. It was practically a copy of the real world - but with very much less people.

We soon found that most of the things we needed were lying around. Communication, transport, and lodging were all taken care of. What was probably among the more alarming things was that we found that there was a way back. It was temporary, and purely allowed for simple visits to the real world for a short period of time, it was interesting to say the least. Of course, it was something you could just get on, with certain things that needed to be done.

The world used a peculiar currency. We know it exists. We know it's there. However, it doesn't seem to have a physical form, or even method of transfer, but we could transfer it. While we never ever seemed to deal with the devil/demon, it became apparent that the world had a strange way of working.

To earn currency on which to spend on certain things, like visits to the real world and other 'privileges', we found ourselves doing jobs and playing some degree of politics. To this extent, the world was vicious, from a human sense, but going there itself had already entailed losing an amount of humanity and morality, if anything was left, it was merely our memories. Everyone there was merely a semblance of themselves in the real world.

Why was this dream weird? This is among the few vivid dreams I've had where there are no discernable identities. The dream itself cuts off soon after I find out about the bus. Other strange details were somehow there. There's no explaining it, but it's something that's just known. Of course, it could just be my mind adding details to the dream. One would never know.

An oddball thing that I've somehow connected with it is that there is some semblance of strength that is gradually gained while being in that world. Either way, the dream was just plain disturbing in its own way.