Japanese Anime I'm Currently Watching

Well, since I talked about US TV series I following, it is only fitting that I continue by blogging about Japanese anime I'm currently following too. 1. CLANNAD - Well, er, do you need a reason to follow it? KyoAni still pulls it off well. I've followed every series the company has put out since AIR.

2. kimikiss - I'm still following it closely.

3. Minami-ke Okawari - still hilarious, still funny.

4. Shakugan no Shana II - Well, the long first half was beginning to remind me why I didn't watch Zero no Tsukaima. I'm unsure when I'll give up on the series, but I think it might be soon.

5. Bleach - I have kind of stopped following it - but that being said I do intend to catch up eventually. Hopefully not too long later.

6. Zetsubou-sensei - The antics of the easily despaired teacher and his crazy group of students is always good entertainment. Or at least I think so. Does anybody else think this is strange?

I haven't picked up any new ones since I have considerably less time to follow anime now that I'm back in Malaysia. I suppose I'll follow Gundam 00 one fine day. One fine day.