US TV Shows I'm Following

Well, as with every new year, there are some television shows you start following, some you stop following, and some you continue on from last year. A notable disappearance is Heroes, which went on hiatus due to the writers' strike in the US. So what am I following now? 1. The Celebrity Apprentice - no, I don't think I like it very much anymore, but it's fun when some of these publicly successful people start fighting or complaining about each other.

2. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - I don't know if it'll get bad towards the end, but the first two episodes of the series indicate that it'll go the way I want. The fact that it doesn't have to tie itself into the T3 canon is also promising to me, since it doesn't have to kill itself trying to work its way there.

3. Boston Legal - The cases have gotten more ridiculous and the current focus on the newer members of the law firm while not particularly favourable sometimes, does keep the show fresh.

4. Mythbusters - A new series of episodes has come again (it's so spotty now it's ridiculous, I'll just assume it's new since it has a 'new' opening sequence) - with some long awaited more ridiculous James Bond myths. The show is starting to get old to me. There was an episode several episodes ago that I thought was nice. I realised that I like the slower tempo of the older shows much better than the faster tempo of the newer ones. Probably because a lot of engineering and troubleshooting gets cut out nowadays - even the part that does get put online feels rushed.

5. Stargate Atlantis - The second half of the season has started airing. I didn't particularly like the series when it started, and unfortunately I still don't. I haven't watched the latest few episodes at all. While I'm still hoping it won't suddenly suffer the fate of the now-cancelled SG-1 series, I somehow don't particularly care as much about Atlantis as I do about Earth. So excuse me.