Stuff I Surprisingly Don't Miss From Australia

Since chewxy took the liberty of blogging about things he misses from Australia, I thought I'd talk about what I surprising don't miss from Australia. 1. My dual monitor setup - despite having lived with a dual screen set up for what must have been the better part of a year (a 22" monitor at that, here I only have a 17"). I think, however, this is because I haven't been doing much work - as in audio editing, video editing, script editing, text editing, website editing, assignment editing or whatever other task I usually do in Australia but not here in Malaysia where I just play a hell of a lot.

2. My huge table - again, probably because I don't do much work. There I have this table that can hold my laptop, my monitor, several books all while still having my stationery and space to move my monitor around.

3. Cheese - there I eat quite an amount of Coon Tasty cheese - about 12 slices every two weeks, I think. (in weeks because that's how often I do my shopping) Here, I couldn't care less about cheese. Maybe it's all the good Malaysian food.

4. DDR - actually, I did miss it for a while, but now the, um, withdrawal symptoms are gone. No doubt that once I get back the parking basement is going to get a little noisy again. :P

5. My internet connection - I have 1.5Mbps there, but only 512kbps here. While TMnet is unreliable, it's still much better than it was this time last year - and as long as I can still surf, MSN, YouTube and the occasional HD trailer, I ain't gonna complain about what I would call pretty damn good internet.