Thinking of a Cool Old Script

If you remember, I wrote a script once I called Paradox for a short movie anthology that Chewxy was going to direct and film. The script is now in Malaysia on some backup disc somewhere, never used, and never reprinted. The script itself has only been read by 6 people, and most people don't remember what it was. What was the script about? Time travel. What was idea was it pushing? The grandfather paradox. The format? It was similar in format to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, in a manner of speaking. The script involved the telling of one contiguous story through several different perspectives and storytelling, detailing several massive errors by a few people that wanted to test the paradox. I'm quite sure it ain't original, but the script was pretty fun to write, and hopefully it'll be fun to film later on.

I'm planning on writing on a new one as sort of a continuation of the story in that script, but with quite the difference.