Welcome to A New Theme!

Heh. After some rethinking, I decided I should add a short rants feature to my blog. Then, I decided I should revamp my Archives list in the sidebar into a more usable (and practical) archives page. So, together with my want to change my blog theme, want for a sideblog, and archives page revamp, I decided it was time to spend some time at night implementing them.

The theme is called Sodelicious Black, I'm using KG's Archives and Sideblog plugins to power the Sideblog in the sidebar, and the new Archives page.

Why a sideblog? I decided I wasn't one for long rants about nothing, so I decided I should have a place I can write down those small little things I want to say, but would just be a dumb waste of space if I made it into an entire post.

I realise I haven't been posting many photos or pictures lately, so I suppose it might be a good time to make several well-thought-out posts over a longer period of time compared to a shorter one.

On a side note, I have actually quit Magic (yet again, I know), but this time not out of lack of interest or lack of players, but more like a lack of funds to generally throw at pieces of cardboard that most people aren't interested in. It was a planned withdrawal, since I had only bought small amounts of Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and practically no Future Sight. However, I do intend to resume writing articles about my favourite card game soon, so expect some articles to come from there.

I realise I haven't been posting much about my personal life, but to be honest, there isn't much happening in my life right now. I'm a plain old boring student, and while I've just joined a killer student association recently (which I shall decline to reveal until my first piece of work is done), I have little or nothing to say. Of course, that could actually mean what I find ordinary - is actually not that normal.