Strange Computer Habits I Just Noticed in 2007

I have some computer habits I just realised I do a lot. 1. Windows key + M is my best friend in Windows. I don't know why, but having everything minimized is a godsend. 2. Since I usually use a Mac, my F11 key on my PowerBook is my best friend. I have it assigned to Expose All Windows. The productivity increase yielded by something so simple is alarmingly high! 3. I have a tendency to use only the Right Shift key while typing. The Left Shift key ends up being reserved exclusively for hotkey combinations! 4. I love my backlit keyboard. 5. At first glance, my Mac keyboard doesn't appear to be capable of controlling my iTunes. Think again! 6. I have a USB extension cable always nearby my computer. Any guesses as to why? (Yes, I need a USB even more convenient than just the side of my computer! 7. I never use the Back/Forward buttons on my mouse for going back and forth. :D 8. I don't blog as often anymore. @_@