The Abandoned Blog

Heh. I've had to run around quite a bit over the last week over some red tape, rules and regulations and so on over the past few weeks. I got pretty worried so I sort of abandoned the blog for quite a while. What did I run around about? Plenty of things. Somehow, all this worrying and stuff also brought back a few less than desirable alterations to reality. For one, several of my old abilities are slowly returning, some wanted (like my 6-hour sleep pattern) and some unwanted (like my ability to game for hours on end without stopping).

I'm probably not very suited to blogging, what with my sparse updates and all, plus there's actually a lot more less believable rubbish I'd actually like to put here, but I believe it is in my best interests to keep them to myself. Sadly, that also means quite an amount of self censorship, and a lot less for you to read.

At some point, I suppose this blog will die permanently, but I'm quite fond of keeping it around for a long time. It sure as hell is going to be around for quite a long time.

(I think my brain is slowly regaining what it used to have 5 years ago, but hopefully not at the same cost as it was 5 years ago.)