My Real Self

Who am I? I'm getting confused myself. I have these peculiar memories of being a powerful being or person, but it doesn't happen to be at any point in time within the next two centuries. Visions of a grand war come to mind. I also see visions of this place - some huge structure, full of busy people walking around. It seems strange and foreign - everybody appears to be in some form of formal wear although nobody seems to dress the same. Even I am walking around in this place with this supposed formal wear.

I seem to remember walking into this room full of people from a side door. They are arranged like a cinema place (in steps), but each person seems to have their own cubicle. I go to my 'cubicle' and retrieve what appears to be some kind of laptop. Then, I walk out.

I recall watching world events, occasionally even stuff that hasn't happened yet. This premonitions some time give me a feeling of deja vu. I see plenty of odd events - stuff you usually don't notice. A certain person walking a certain way. A certain conversation being repeated exactly - and I change it because I know how it is going to go.

I also seem to have some random capability to see and alter future events. I can tell exactly when a traffic light is going to go green, when the next bus is going to arrive, what cards are in whose hands when playing cards, how exactly the future will occur in some isolated cases where I allow it to occur exactly.

Oddly enough, I happen to recall having to deal with death and the dead. Talk about randomness.

(This is a continuation of 2005's bullshit post on the 1st of April. I don't like playing pranks, and I'm not one who can think of a good prank that would be pretty funny. Maybe one fine day you'll see a nice Sword Fantasy post on the 1st of April, and maybe even the Warcraft III map I'm working on. Work on that has stopped altogether, by the way. Sorry that I actually forgot what prank I wanted to do last year for this year. :P)