What Happened to the Randomness of Random Ideas?

If you remember the days of the old Random Ideas, it used to be really random. One day I'd talk about getting a new mousepad, the next day I might talk about Magic, one day it might be weird philosophy, another day it'd be an imaginary prophecy about the world ending. It was pretty random then. Now, it's probably hell of an easy thing to predict what I'm going to post. One day, it'd be about Magic, another day it be about a game, and near my exams or holidays - you'd see a hiatus announcement (which is usually followed by a real hiatus, or some more posts, actually). The length between posts then was most definitely random. Occasionally it'd be once a month, some months actually lack posts altogether (although that was really rare), there'd be periods where the post was 1 - 3 lines long for the whole month.

So what has happened since then? I've changed a lot since then. I now update more regularly (compared to then) - but I actually become more random with how long the posts actually are! With that being said, I beginning to now consider the name for the blog for replacement. Hopefully, what will follow after that will be a theme change of some kind to celebrate the new name!

u238 has posted photos of a messy desk! Click here. My post on 'cleanliness' is here.