Chapter 2 - 06: Hasty Departure

Erse immediately left the room after hearing what the he had to say. He then turns to Cassandra. "Nice to meet you. Sorry to cut your meeting short, but there are pressing matters, especially regarding the security situation in this section of space. I have news for you too. I believe a friend of yours is in medical. I highly suggest you go see him in the meantime. Erse will take a while to get back."

She thanks him and follows his advice, finding her way to the infirmary aboard the Aegis.

She obviously finds Kanya there, now conscious.

"He is lacking some of his short term memory. He doesn't quite remember what happened in the last 24 hours, but he seems to be getting some strange flashbacks. It's possible he got some kind of attack and somehow found his way on the ship, looking from his medical history," the doctor there elaborated.

(This is a little short I know, but bear with it until my brain returns to full operating function.)