Stupid Things I'm Doing While in Uni

1. Screw up assignments. - I did my assignment ahead of schedule, did everything according to plan, check my answers. Yet, I did not see a problem with one of the integrals. Today, when the lecturer just put up the question, without me even being told anything, I knew exactly what my mistake was. That was the most amusing thing that happened today.

2. Use the late entrance to get into class early. - The late entry in the Wright Theatre in the Medical building of Melbourne Uni actually provides faster access to the lecture theatre than the stairs inside, lifts and any combination you can think of. In other words, you will be in your lecture hall earlier if you take the late entrances.

3. Sleeping in classes. - Don't blame me! I don't even blame the lecturers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with their teaching this semester. But it's a habit of mine to get drowsy when I'm bored, and I get bored when they keep repeating material or cover material I'm already familiar with. At least I took the trouble to go to class. :D (OK. so maybe I'm to blame.)

4. Procrastinating. - I'm trying my best not to let procrastination get the better of me, but I'm not exactly going to do everything the moment I get it like Shockrave does. I lack the same amount of zeal he does for doing work. It's just not like cfgt to finish work too quickly. Of course, there was the programming assignment last semester that I finished the day it came out. But that was because I was bored and I was waiting for assignments for ages! This semester they're shooting assignments at me like bullets! I need my rest. :D

I've gotten a hell of a lot lazier compared to last semester. I'm going to suppose it's due to the fact that I'm getting a little less sleep now compared to last semester. I think I'm going to go back to my old sleeping habits again so that I'll have more energy to do stuff like rant, whine and blog properly. I have every intention of increasing my WPM by the end of the year. :D

(Of course, not doing programming probably isn't going to help me any.... :P)