Chapter 2 - 05 : An Offer

"I'm quite certain you know the purpose of being called here," Erse stated the obvious. "You want me to transfer to your ship, correct?" Cassandra replied.

"Your guess is correct. I am unsure as to the reason you have been kept on the MV2904 but I have been pulling strings to find out. However, it might be unsafe if you remain outside my sphere of influence as I go deeper into matter. The main reason I have come is to recruit you."

"I am honoured, but what do you mean pulling strings? And why should you care about me?"

"You see, there have been a few rather peculiar occurences regarding certain people who stand out because of their outstanding skills. Often, they find themselves in circumstances not unlike the ones you have been in. Contrary to popular belief, my supposedly random recruitment is not random at all."

"What do you mean?"

"I have been picking up whoever I can without raising too much suspicion in the process. They know what I have been doing, and they know that I am on to them. While a matter like this might seem trivial to a person like me, the issue spreads far deeper than you know. I cannot go over the details and I cannot give you any information for reasons you already know."


"So, will you accept my offer and be the leader of one of the fighter squadrons of the Aegis? I have been waiting a long time for an opening to offer to you."

"I have been stuck on that junk ship for a long time. I'll take the job."


A member of the Aegis staff suddenly walks in. He has news.