Hecatomb is Doomed

The End of Hecatomb Apparently, they pulled the plug on Hecatomb. I'm obviously not very happy, but the fact was I had trouble getting the cards, let alone play much of the game. I have never seen a single Blanket of Lies booster or card in real life, as much as I would've liked to. Despite these hurdles, I like the game a whole lot.

All I have now is some Base Set and Last Hallow's Eve cards. The card game is apparently doomed as it is, but I might decide to make a card game engine for the purpose of playing Hecatomb in the future, since I thought it was a pretty cool game. But as stated earlier, nothing will change the fact that its dead unless someone picks it up and develops it further later.

It is doomed as we know it, unfortunately. Someone has brought end to Hecatomb. :(