Exams Are Coming Soon

My exams are coming soon. Great news, isn't it? I have one on the 7th, one on the 16th and one on the 20th. They're in June of course. If they were in May, I would now be celebrating freedom. But that'll happen next month. And when it does happen, expect erratic postings, terrible fillers and horrendous style changes. As you are seeing, the story is progressing, I think I might be stretching Chapter 1 a little to put a little more story into the thing. It will be a little longer than I intended, but all is good. From the way I'm dragging it, chances are that I'll either split what I intended among Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, or stretch Chapter 1 until I reach the point I intended. As to what that point is, it'll end close to when Erse boards the MV2904 at Nakamura.