Chapter 1 - 06: Protocol Class. Maybe.

"She probably pissed off at you getting a better assignment than she did or something," the rookies suggested to Kanya as they were sitting through the protocol lecture. "No accident could ever let you forget something as important as what this lecture is about, that we happen to be ignoring," they continued.

"They've been pounded in hundreds of times even before we get the our real assignments, let alone when you're actually in one," another commented.

"So where did you get posted?"

Kanya replied in a very unhappy manner, "The Kirkor."

"The Kirkor?! Isn't that one of those 'classified ships'?"

"Huh?" Kanya was puzzled.

"A classified ship is a ship whose every move is completely secret. The only exception is that the existence of the ship and its crew are confirmed. There are 29 of those, and they usually have a Gifted on the bridge. My brother's been trying to get on one of those for years. Apparently, it's impossible unless you're handpicked or something."

"Odd though why they placed you on this ship. The crew on the Meganet generally unclassify those movements anyway, since the only reason their really classified is to prevent assasinations of the Gifted. The Gifted don't really care much since they very much think that people should know where their ship is at anyway."

"The Kirkor isn't going to go anywhere near this medical vessel, not at least for another few months. It's on an expedition to visit the Arltian Alliance. That means you're stuck here with us at least two more months. That is, of course, unless Erse decides to steal you first before you can get to the Kirkor, but that's unlikely."

"The crew of her ship said that she hasn't added anyone new to the ship for a long time. She used to go on these recruitment sprees for her ship, picking up a crew member from every ship she ever came on."

Kanya just sat silent, as the others busy chatting suddenly felt a cold glare upon them. The lecturer was obviously displeased with the heated discussion that was going on at the rear of the class.