Dissension: Card-by-Card Part 1

I know, this is long overdue. Here's my opinion of Dissension cards. Whatever I don't list here, I thought was awful and isn't worth my time. (Lands and signets need no comment. Get them.) Æthermage’s Touch - Good card, especially if you pull some kind of forecast stuff (like Pride of the Clouds).

Anthem of Rakdos - It's an anthem. When you get to Hellbent (which you should be Hellbent on getting, it is king. :D

Aquastrand Spider - I don't know about you, but +1/+1 counters are my friends when it comes to blocking flying. :D

Assault Zeppelid - Flying + trample (plus +1/+1 counters) = bloodfest.

Aurora Eidolon - Worth an attempt to use, but likelihood is that it costs too much mana and can't be used aggressively.

Avatar of Discord - I don't know about you, but I would get 4 of these scary things. :D

Azorius Æthermage - Combos with some other card with Æthermage in the name.

Azorius First-Wing - No Faith Fetters to stop this thing, not easily stealable, holds a Jitte/Warhammer. In addition, value for mana!

Azorius Guildmage - Among the more annoying Guildmages printed. I would get it because it's blue.

Azorius Herald - Good for life, good for attacking someone's else life. 'Nuff said.

Azorius Ploy - To me, it costs too much, and isn't even worth a common slot. (which is why it's uncommon)

Beacon Hawk - I think it's marginally usable. Maybe.

Biomantic Mastery - Cool, expensive, not very useful.

Blessing of the Nephilim - Good. (what? do I need to say some more?)

Bond of Agony - You see, this is one card that I think is even worse than One with Nothing.

Bound // Determined - Good, versatile, plausibly worth something.

Brace for Impact - Expensive, good surprise tactic, but otherwise I'd prefer Hold the Line.

Brain Pry - Card advantage all around the place. :D

Bronze Bombshell - I don't think Donate is still around... *grins evilly at the 4 copies of Donate in the file*

Cackling Flames - I'm Hellbent on burning you for t3h ch34p. :D

Celestial Ancient - I like enchantments, but this is a little far-fetched. We'll see how it is next block before I pass true judgment.

Coiling Oracle - Card advantage of any kind is welcome. :D

Condemn - I like the card. I just prefer Devouring Light.

Court Hussar - creature has a weak body, strong effect. I dunno whether I'll play it for either.

Crime // Punishment - I don't think much of this card, to be honest. I think it isn't all that versatile and all that useful.

Crypt Champion - I look at the card, I look at my opponent's graveyard. I see a Boros Swiftblade. I decide that the card is probably worthless.

Cytoplast Manipulator - heheheheheehe.


Cytoshape - *evil laugh*

Cytospawn Shambler - I've always liked trample. Now I get to spread the fun. (pun intended)

Delirium Skeins - I don't like losing cards.

Demon’s Jester - To me, it's pretty inferior for something I have to have an empty hand to have.

Demonfire - Good burn. :P

Dovescape - I like the card. It seems like a fun card to abuse, but I'm not entirely sure I would like to go against someone who is playing expensive spells with it.

Dread Slag - Difficult to use, probably worth the effort.

Drekavac - Very good Watchwolf.

Elemental Resonance - I would abuse this card. I don't know whether anyone else would.

Enemy of the Guildpact - Heh.

Enigma Eidolon - See below. Entropic Eidolon - I think these are the two best eidolons. They have a fun ability that is quite agressive, and I wouldn't mind losing them.

Evolution Vat - I feel my Phantom Nishoba becoming a tad more difficult to kill than it should be....

Experiment Kraj - Stealing abilities? I like.

I'll stop here today. Too many cards too comment on. :P