Contemplating a Name Change

I was think that since I kept the nickname 'rei' for so long, I should consider changing the blog name to R.E.I. That way, it might be interesting. With the name change, you can also expect new redirects like and if I know how to rig it, might also be possible. I was thinking of it as a pretty good idea, since a lot of people also know me by the name 'rei' as well as 'cfgt'. In case you didn't already know, Googling for 'rei' and 'cfgt' does result in my blog. Of course, the name change should be reasonable and the new name should make sense.

Possible candidates: Random or Entertaining Ideas Random Erroneous Ideas Random Echelon of Ideas Random Enigma of Ideas

After that, I decided I should change the R and I. Keeping Random Ideas together with the name change was pretty difficult. So I pulled of another few candidates: Random, Entertaining or Irritating Random, Erroneous and Infallible Really Explosive and Imploding Random Extrapolated Ideas ( ^ You are watching my thought process at work. Suddenly a new random idea shows up.)

Rei's Entry into Intelligence Ridiculously Entertaining Issues

and so on...

Got a good idea? Shoutbox or comment it. I'm getting a little sleepy to think about new meanings for the acronym R.E.I. to take on the same name as my nick.