A Busy Day Filled with - Waiting

Despite my concerns, I had three pretty nice lectures today. I had a productive first lecture as I finished a sizeable amount of my tute sheets while my lecturer was yammering away. I do listen - mind you. It's just that Maths lectures can be kind of dry, especially when it comes to all these obscure theorems you will never use and never should care about. (of course, they aren't obscure, they're just boring). It's important, of course. It's just that I was kinda bored. My second lecture was interesting. I love probability. Probability is king of the maths world to me. Especially since a lot of proving 'probably' begins with you guessing which is 'probably' the right proof method. Probability is also full of vague proofs I cannot begin to even fathom the reason people would notate in such manners. That is, of course, until I write it down, and suddenly everything makes sense.

The third lecture was fun also. C pointers. Yay. (Do note the tone of sarcasm.) It was boring. Until the lecturer decided that my seat would become an example memory address. Then, I had to feint interest to make sure I would be active when my 'pointer' address was called upon. :D

After that, I had lunch. A burger from the kebab shop served the purpose of filling me up until I could barely walk without risking throwing up my lunch as well as any other meals I had before that. Then, came a period of waiting for the next class. Being as 'hardworking' as I was (in layman's terms, bored), I sat in the First Year Centre study room and finished another large chunk of tute sheet work.

Then, I went to the lab to refine and comment my program for my assignment in gory detail. (Trust me, commenting is important when your programming practices are foreign, even to your tutor. It happens when a programming n00b goes into a subject where everyone else can't even be called n00b because it just isn't possible.)

After that was tute. For some reason, I seem to pick the wrong table all the time. Everyone is very quiet for some damn reason. Fortunately, I seem to work well with what we have in the Intro to Programming tute, which is still pretty fun. :D

I waited until my lab session ended to see what would become of my question. Apparently, I would have to take it to the lecturer. Phooey. And I was hoping to erase that assignment off my to-do list today. I'll just be doing some testing before closing the door on the story. I can't get my program to achieve that maximum loss number!