Chapter 1 - 02: The Month is September

A discussion was continuing in the room. "How are you feeling? Any drowsiness? Sickness?"

"I'm fine. Just tell me what's going on. I can't remember anything at all. The only thing I remember was that room and how familiar it looked."

"It's familiar because you've been in that room before. A lot of this ship will seem familiar to you. As you might have already noticed, you have some form of amnesia. This state was induced on purpose."


"The reason will be revealed to you later when you have been reconditioned for proper function in the human social system. All I will tell you know is that you have been identified as a good leader and skilful in the art of dogfighting in space."

"What would that mean?"

"You will be assigned to be the leader of a squadron of scout fighters on the exploration vessel Kirkor. Of course, you will have to be trained first."


"You are most certainly talented at this, but you need to know more about yourself first. Take this file. We'll begin simulations tomorrow in a fake cockpit. Get some sleep."

Harrison promptly stood up and left Kanya in the room. The file was full of clippings and photos. Kanya was in for a long night. He studied the file intently.

According to the file, he was an expert pilot of fighter class ships and frequently led raids and attacks against bases much larger than his own. From his records, he frequently succeeded. It also said he was quite adept at repairing things regardless what it was.

He gleaned through loads of photos, from those with his parents and siblings, to those with his former squadron. The record stated that his squadron was ambushed and killed during a scout mission. It felt wrong. He knew that it wasn't true, but didn't know what part of it was wrong.

But if it were true, would it have been the purpose of his memory erasure? He was thinking deeper. It was probably more likely they stumbled upon something they shouldn't have. He somehow recalled being told stories of these people whose memories were erased. He even remembered some of them being assigned to the ship he was assigned to.

Losing himself in deep thought, he suddenly realised someone was knocking on the door. A female voice beckoned, "Is it OK for me to come in?"