A Slightly Eventful Weekend

As you might have noticed, there was a sudden break in my daily posting pattern. For some reason or another, I was pretty busy the past few days. On Friday, I went to college and came back. I then proceeded to forget about the blog until later, when I decided to invite u238 over to help me with my Maths and sort out Magic cards. We played a few video games before getting down to work.

On Saturday, I woke up late, went out for lunch with Shockrave, tutored Shockrave briefly on how to play Magic, then played a few rounds to get to grips with the game. Later, we went out for dinner with u238 and luijin. We then proceeded to have long bouts of videogames including my housemate in the process.

My housemate couldn't play for long since he had work and of course, other engagements in the night. We eventually proceeded to tutoring luijin in the art of playing Magic, and shortly after, we played a huge, drawn-out 4 player melee. This was followed by an even longer drawn out melee. By the time we ended and I showered and everything, it was well into the night, and minutes to midnight. I decided to put off blogging.

Today, I finished off whatever homework I had, completed my tutorial sheet for the week. Then, I went out for lunch with Shockrave again,following that, a visit to Dungeon of Magic to grab a few more cards, then rested for a while. During this rest period, I built two more decks, tested them later when Shockrave came over to help cook pasta for dinner.

Then, after dinner, I went up to the tenth floor for the floor party and stayed there until about 10pm when it ended. And after some deliberation over whether I should save the assignment for later or do some of it now, I decided on doing some of it now. Hah.

And then, that brings us to the time that is now.