My First Assignment from UniMelb!

I finally got my first assignment of the year! Yahoo! I shall record this commemorative event with another photo post! :D First Assignment from UniMelb

You probably haven't seen someone quite as excited about an assignment, but you're reading the blog of someone who hasn't seen an assignment for about 6 months. 6 MONTHS. I haven't seen an assignment for SIX BLOODY MONTHS. Don't come telling me I should be happy I haven't seen an assignment for that long, especially since my boredom level increased considerably since I got here.

I was quite excited about getting this assignment. That's not because it would be the first assignment since I came here. That just happened to be convenient. Nobody should like assignments. It's unhealthy to like assignments. If you happen to love assignments, you should go stand in the corner with all the other hypernerds like you. :D

I wanted to get an assignment because I was bored. However, I have come into an additional problem, since the assignment looks short. As in, 'I need a few hours to finish it' kind of short. It falls far from my definition of an assignment: "Time and blood sucking leech you need to put on your brain so that you can get marks."

And by the way, some of you might want this, and some of you might prefer not knowing, but I decided I would make a geek code block for fun. Do note, some of the stuff in the geek block are approximations based on the code since I occasionally neither here nor there (and some stuff I made up so you will never know how geeky or otherwise I really am - and yes, vi rocks.). :D

-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1 GCM/CS/M/O d+ s+:++>: a-- C+++ UL++S++ P+ L+ E--- W+++ N o+ K- w--- O- M++ V-- PS+++>$ PE>$ Y-- PGP- t- 5 X- R++>$ tv++ b- DI+++ D+ G-- e+ h-- !r !z ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------