Photo Review: Gamecube Hardware

This time round, I decided the shock and awe tactic would be better. Here it is: the photo review of the Gamecube hardware! Don't expect any game reviews with photos any time soon, but do expect game reviews. :D

As we all very well know, the Gamecube was the smallest console of its generation (let's not count any subsequent hardware shrinkage, e.g. the PS2 70000 series). I thought an interesting thing to do would be to take photos of the Gamecube which you usually wouldn't see like the ports, and heads and so on unless you actually had a console, or went digging through the entire Internet.

It's quite pointless to review a piece of hardware, but photos are no problem. :D

Now, let's begin with the picture everyone should be familiar with.
The top of the Gamecube:

Then, here's what you don't always see, the fan on the left side:

And then vent on the other side:

I've also taken photos of the ports in the rear of the cube:

More importantly, expansion slots at the bottom of the Cube.

I didn't want to show it covered because that looked pretty uninteresting and pointless. However, I did make sure I took a photo of what the cube looked like with a disc and memory card inserted.

A Gamecube memory card looks a lot like the PS1 and PS2 ones, as you can see:

The console is small because the big AC adapter is outside of it.

This jack looks rather peculiar to me, but I think it avoids user stupidity.

(Photo is blur, do not check your eyes.)

The AV-out connector for each console is unique, and I think the Gamecube one is a tad more hardy than the PS2 one.

Here's a few of the shots of the controller:

The connector is rather small and tiny, but then again, I think it's just that the PS2 ones are too big.

Last but not least, what do the games look like?

The discs are really small, I could lose them under a stack of newspaper. (referring to the cliché people kept using about the Mac mini) Bad jokes aside, the disc is proprietary, but nevertheless, is still pretty cool and probably easier to hold for young children. (and yes, this is another bad joke.)

And that concludes my Gamecube photo review. I was thinking that it might be funny to include another relevant picture to show that my PowerBook ain't small fry. I thought an Exposé screen might be sufficient while I was halfway through the process of cropping and shrinking photos.

So, here's the image of Exposé in action, showing that my PowerBook ain't that slow, contrary to popular belief.
(And yes, some photos didn't make the final cut, and yes, this is as I was going through it halfway when I decided it would be a good idea to make Windows users jealous.)