The Story's Back Story

As you should've figured out by now, the story has a relatively simple back story. While it might've been better to fit in this back story in a later part of the story, I thought it would be better for you to know of the central 7 of the Arltian Alliance, the 29 Gifted of the Terrans, the two major corporations and the central Terran system known of the Terran Meganet. I think this will allow me to immediately push into the main storyline without much ado. You can also expect numerous references to the 29th Gifted, since this person is the last, youngest, and also currently the most powerful. Do note that I have not named any of the central 7 colonies, meaning that they will play important roles along the lines of the story later on.

Of course, you can expect elaboration of the back story as we go. I have yet to generate the main character, and I'm not entirely sure how I will go about it. I have decided that the main character would have to be a mercenary to tell my story in its entirety, but I'm not entirely sure where the story should start.