Sick, Tired and Idealess

I'm currently sick. I've got no fever, but I feel weak and tired. As a result, I've been struggling to think up a post, of which I have none. So, I've decided to just post a card that will never see print regardless of the mana cost and environment as it is so broken, so powerful, so abusive, that'll it'll make the Power Nine become the Power Ten, break every format in competitive and casual Magic, make any deck into tournament material, and is the result if power creeps upwards into a mad spiral. (I'm pretty sure everyone knows which card this is, I'll just make it more broken than it should be. Everyone knows how to fix this broken card, and everyone knows why it shouldn't be printed. :D) Recycling Center.jpg

(I even made a deliberate mistake. :D I'm so sick and tired I don't have the energy to make a nice Photoshop one this time round. I'll just whacked it together in Magic Set Editor. I'm thinking about getting down and designing my own set for fun during the holidays when I have time.)