Separate People in Separate Places

Some people might have read my substandard review of Quake 4 on, and some of you might not have heard of such a place on the Internet. I'll say it's a great place for finding out more about stuff you aren't familiar with. I would have to say the star writer is chewxy, having written, as of this post, 7 articles out of the 11 you can find on the site. I am, of course, the most pitiful writer since I only contributed one article to this effort to make a decent web site. I will obviously not contribute many more PC gaming articles, but you might be able to expect PSP games instead. And since I got a nice PowerBook, I'll be able to contribute more type articles: reviews on software for the Mac. While I haven't gotten down to doing that, rest assured that I'll probably have more free time and more willpower when I get to Australia to finish articles and so on.

That being said, let's get to what my post today is about: separate identities.

cfgt is known by many monikers on the Internet. He is known by so many nicknames, that no single person, not even he himself knows all of them. He spends his days watching anime, playing games on his numerous gaming platforms and building insanely funny Magic decks.

cfgt also happens to run his blog "Random Ideas" on, which nobody cares to read since he is only a wannabe game reviewer. He ignores the existence of the term 1337, but chooses to use it anyway since it sounds n00bish.

cfgt will be departing his homeland soon for a foreign land to advance his knowledge on the not-so-arcane art of manipulating huge tables of numbers that will tell him the probablity of n00bs reading this being pwned. (But Chewxy thinks he's secretly going to India to attend the Kama Sutra Sex Institute)

People I know online know that I have many names. I have those I use for my online self (cfgt, cfgt2001), those I use for darker parts of my activities on the Net (which I will decline to reveal), those I used for games (which I will decline to reveal so you will never know how awful my RTS skills are or how deadly I am with the Quake 3 Gauntlet), and those I use for absolute fun (such as rei, for those who correspond often with my e-mail accounts or atropos as you see on this site).

Some people are so familiar with my online name/nick "rei", they actually call me "Rei" in real life. They're mind is stuck on "Rei", who is actually an entirely different entity from me in reality. How would I describe "rei"? "rei" is not the same as his real life counterpart. "rei" is an online entity. It only exists as a shadow or illusion of my existence or presense. "rei" is however very real. "rei" is "cfgt". "rei/cfgt" is a far more open person online. "rei/cfgt" is capable of doing a lot more damage than I can in real life.

"rei/cfgt" is far more liberal with information. "rei/cfgt" is the false shield and false sword I use. It is real life proof than the pen is mightier than the sword. "rei/cfgt" is far more intelligent and more well thought. "rei/cfgt" is far more paranoid than me. "rei/cfgt" isn't afraid of hurting people with sharp cutting words, which I would be if I had a message to pass. "rei/cfgt" is an existence that can only exist online. "rei/cfgt" cannot be brought into the real world.

Who am I then? I am the one who casts the shadow that is "rei/cfgt". I am the student who has gotten a place in a university in Australia. I am the student who now has a PowerBook. I am the one who builds Magic decks during his free time. "rei/cfgt" is the one who talks about it. "rei/cfgt" is the soulless being which is the editor of this blog and my every day dealings online. I am just a soulless being who lives out the life "rei/cfgt" can only talk about. :D