What I've Pulled From the Few Boosters I've Bought

(This is a crappy filler post. Do not read. This is the kind of post I delete or 'privatise' so you never read such crap. It's an example of what comes out of writer's block.) I won't lie. I buy loads of boosters. In fact, I've actually lost track of how much I actually spent on Ravnica boosters. I remember telling Yam that it was around RM100. To be honest, this is more of the initial investment. I spend far more in total than I could ever imagine or remember. I believe I've actually opened crazy amounts, probably closing in on about one box (and maybe a half or more) worth of Ravnica. However, I find it unlikely since I don't think I have the funds to open that many. It's probably because I open, sell and open some more. Probably.

In my loads (which aren't really that many) of boosters, I've opened one Birds of Paradise, one foil Overgrown Tomb, one Glimpse the Unthinkable, two Loxodon Hierarchs, three Dark Confidants, three Circu, Dimir Lobotomist, two Grave-Shell Scarab, three Lightning Helixes(uncommon), three Necroplasm, three Putrefy(uncommon), two Telling Time, three Firemane Angel, one Hour of Reckoning, two Ursapine, one Hunted Troll, one Nullstone Gargoyle, one Grozoth, one Hunted Dragon, one Privileged Position, one Hunted Lammasu and one Dimir Cutpurse.

As you can see, I have my fair share of horrible rares (if you don't know which is considered horrible, just imagine hypothetically). :D I also have a few so horrible, I can't remember their names. :D But in those cases, I'd have to say the uncommon paid for them. :D If you were to calculate, it does constitute to around one booster box worth, but of course, a booster box wouldn't contain three of so many rare cards. ><

Singles are probably the best way to go hunting for cheap rares like Hex, Grozoth, and so on. :D Who doesn't like to see how crazy you can push things with Grozoth?