Streaming in Schools

I came across some person in the Star today stating a weak case against streaming. Streaming is a hit for morale and self-esteem. This is certainly true. I would agree that if you don't get into the class you want or the one you used to be, it could be a hit for morale and self-esteem. This is a very selfish outlook on things. Have you ever thought of the people who worked hard to get into the class in 'your' place? You may have suffered a hit to your ego, maybe, but it might please you to know your place was given to someone who did work harder than you or is a tad bit brighter than you are. That's person's morale and self-esteem went up. That person just achieved what you didn't work to keep.

I know what it feels to lose your place in the first class. I lost it once before. I was actually more unhappy that I didn't get along with the people in the second class than I was with the fact that I lost my place in the first class. Get over the problem. It's not like your friends will dump you because you aren't in the same classroom. I would have been content to have been pushed back to a class where I liked the environment better like the 5th or 6th class.

The next thing the writer said was that the people in the other class are probably of around the same level. This is probably true is we're talking about the first two or three classes. Abolishing the streaming system will create classes of completely mixed intellect. I like the mixed intellect part - I don't like the mixed learning speed part. It's always good to have a mix of people from all levels of thinking, but it's one thing when they ask questions you've never thought of, but it's a complete other if they ask questions that make you think they need some serious individualised attention to learn effectively.

People at all levels will know this problem. When different parts of the class learn at radically different speeds, it can be very difficult to teach. The bright students will be held back by those who learn slower. Those who need more attention and explanation will be completely dazed by the teacher's speed. It is impractical to slow down or speed up the class for a small amount of people. The thing is: we have to accept the fact that some students are quicker than others and that some are slower than others. Streaming is one of the most practical ways to cope with the needs of the most students with the least trouble.

Then, some people might say - I have a biased opinion since I'm a bright student. I've been in a class full of slower people before. Trust me - if you go to one of the average or weaker classes, you'll like it there. The lower classes can be full of misfits, but we're usually talking about really nice and friendly misfits. People are much nicer. Streaming is a great way to respect their needs for more thorough teaching while respecting the better students' need for faster progression.

I fail to see how it is a morale hit is you get pushed to a worse class after you get over it. You will be in a class more similar to your ability. That would mean your grades and your classmates grades should be close. The competition is on. It's better than holding on to a better class and seeing that everyone is smarter than you.

I think I should stop here before spouting more nonsense I'll regret. I'm already regretting writing this. Haiyoyo.