New Year, New WordPress, No New Resolutions

Happy new year to everyone! I'll be spending some time upgrading my blog system to WordPress 2.0. I hope most things will make the transition correctly. If not, expect me to fix it within the next few days. :D This might also mean an eventual change in the blog template if I feel like it. ;) This means you might see a lot of blog functions not functioning for a while or the blog might look a little distorted. Report anything you find in the ShoutBox which should be working after the upgrade since it is an independent system and I'll try to fix it. :D

As for part 2 of my LYN trading tips, expect that the next time I have nothing else to post. *sweats* This year, I haven't made any resolutions. If I remember correctly, I made a resolution to study properly for the next few semesters that I did, but I still got a bad grade for my Marketing subject. :( However, the good news is that I still got an offer from the University of Melbourne. The peculiar part was that I got it long before any other university chose to give me an unconditional offer. Anyone who knows people inside the Admissions Department that can solve this mystery? :P

Since I'm going to uni next year, I will most definitely keep my resolution from last year - and study even harder. :D As for my resolution to build the base rules for Sword Fantasy, rest assured that the base rules are more or less set, just not in proper writing yet. For this year, I just hope I have time to work on it and put it into writing as well as look through it for any broken loopholes I might have missed.

That's all I have to say for today. For now, I'm going to go upgrade my blog software. I wish everyone a happy new year and hope it stays that way for the whole 2006. :P