The Best Booster Pack I've Opened in Ravnica

Yes, it's another Magic post. So what? I just love posting about Magic. It's fun, stupid and crazy and the posts are usually boring. But I'm pretty sure all of us have probably played and purchased a collectible card game before. I'm pretty sure everyone has had that moment of hope when you are opening a new booster pack. Some people immediately look at the rare, some people like to delay the joy or agony by looking through your common and uncommon cards. I am the latter. Of course, after going through what must have been many many cards, I've lost interest at looking in commons - especially since I have seen every common card in Ravnica before. Within the past few weeks, I believe I opened the best booster pack among the good packs I've opened so far. As usual, I went through the uncommons that I got in the booster pack first.

At first, I sort of fanned out the cards, and I saw that the last card was a Golgari guild land card. Since it was a foil, it was probably a Golgari Rot Farm. I had gotten loads of foils like that. I was unhappy, to say the least, seeing as I got a useless foil card. Sad. Then, I looked through the whole booster. Nothing good in the commons.

Then, I followed up to look at my uncommons. My favourite Enchantment-Aura card showed up: Pollenbright Wings. I was pretty happy. It was followed by a Twisted Justice, of which I must have about 6-8 copies already. Bleh. Then, I got a pleasant surprise. Putrefy! I was already over my worthless foil Golgari Rot Farm by now.

Now, every booster pack has 11 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare card. It is usually in that order in all booster packs, with the exception of the foil/premium/shiny cards which are usually at the end of the pack. When I looked through the pack, I realised something was off. After that Pollenbright Wings, Twisted Justice and Putrefy was my foil land. No cards after that foil land. I thought to myself - I had played Magic for a long time - never seen a screwed up Magic pack missing the rare players coveted.

All of this, obviously prompted me to look through the entire pack. I fanned out the cards and looked at their rarities. I was laughing like a maniac when I saw that my "Golgari Rot Farm" was actually a rare land. That, of course, prompted me to jump in joy.

Why I Am Blind

The rare land is, obviously, Overgrown Tomb. It is a land card which has a value that will never cease to puzzle me. I believe this foil land is worth around USD35. That would obviously make it impossible to sell. Then again, who wants to sell the foil version of what must be one of the most coveted lands in Standard format history? ^-^