Firemane Angel

Firemane Angel I find this card really interesting for two reasons: 1. It's a good card. 2. I, by some random chance, managed to actually pick up to 4 copies of it (a complete playable set).

Since I have 4 of these strange annoying Angels, I obviously want to use it. Well, they're good for stalling - lifegain, 4/3 flying blocker with first strike, is probably more difficult to terminate late game than lots of other things. Of course, they work well with equipment - Sunforger and Loxodon Warhammer, for example. I'm not going to say Jitte because the best creature to go with it is also red-white: Boros Swiftblade.

With Sunforger or Warhammer, your opponent is looking at a serious disadvantage. 8/3 first strike flying with a definite combat trick in store is obviously bad. 7/3 first strike with Spirit Link is begging for prevention. Why do I say it's not good with Jitte? For one, you're limiting your options - why gain 4 life or temporarily deal 4 extra damage when you could easily deal 16 that by a tutored Overblaze or gain 7 life? Even better, put them both on a single Firemane Angel. If they can't remove it, it's probably doom for them anyway. If you can't deal with a 11/3 first strike flying creature who can trample over anything you could put in its way AND have a combat trick up its sleeve, you're probably finished.

Firemane Angel is obviously good for blocking. 4 damage at first strike speed is likely to step up your opponent's guard - which is of course, good for you, since the longer he stalls, the longer it's probably going to take to kill you. A lot longer, in fact, since you're gaining life every turn.

That brings me to the next point - Firemane Angel is perfect to go with Searing Meditation - it gives you the 1 life whether it's dead or not, and you can pay the low cost of 2 mana to send 2 damage flying. Of course, you could do this multiple times with many Firemane Angels. Nobody will be playing that many Angels, right? ;)

However, there are downfalls to this creature. It's not very solid for 6 mana. Considering it costs 3 generic and 3 coloured mana to play, you should get something more robust than merely a 4/3 flying first strike - which you do, of course. The return to play ability - uncounterable in most instances and of course, the 1 life per turn you gain while it is in your graveyard - apparently Counterspell isn't going to help your opponent, and it'll be even worst if he just played Mind Rot on you - what ripe opportunities to pitch your Firemane Angel.

It lacks any other evasion, meaning you might need to save a Lightning Helix in your hand to save your Angel when needed from remove from game effects such as Devouring Light. Your Angel will, of course, laugh at Putrefy and Nekrataal, both which can't get rid of it permanently. It won't hurt so bad when you play Wrath of God, but it might hurt if you lose it to a Final Judgment.

It's a good idea to help along your Angel by giving me more abilities - be it vigilance or double strike to increase the pain! But I'm still wondering - why the strange name?