Fungus Fire/Smoking Weed Revisited

Read my earlier post here: Sunforger? Fungus Fire? Obviously, my earlier build was pretty suboptimal. So suboptimal that I somehow managed to grab almost every potential card to be put into the deck. I've played the deck a lot more this time round - and I found it to be quite interesting. It's a very interesting deck to play. I found myself able to hang on for dear life at around 12-17 life thanks to Firemane Angel, Faith's Fetters and Lightning Helix for a long time. Talking about False Hope, I'm still finding control matchups pretty difficult to play - but for the most part - since they have to counter Firemane Angel and Sunforger (must counters if they intend to win) and take them out, they might have a tendency to run out of defences against 1/1 Saprolings or plain burn.

I've tuned the deck heavily since then, finding that despite the massive amount of acceleration, my lack of Ravnica dual lands requires me to run 24 lands out of 61 cards. In fact, that might still be the number for my build despite dual lands. Faith's Fetters are absolute fun - they shut down nearly anything you should shut down and gain you life to keep going. Firemane Angel could keep you in the game for a long long time. While I haven't tried Shard Phoenix, I think merely having it on the table is reason enough to control your opponent from keeping a humoungous weenie army.

Final Judgment is probably the reason why I'm usuallly teetering at 12-17 life, I believe I should stabilise around 10 if I had Wrath of Gods. Fungus Fire is really fun to play - honest! However, I believe I want to play a far simpler deck but I can't resist using Sunforger!