Why Is My Blog Template So Small?

So, why is my blog template so small? For one, I'm obsessive over making sure everyone can read my blog. Sure, there is a problem when you use Firefox to view it, but otherwise it's fine. It's fine in Internet Explorer. It's fine in Opera. Heck, it's even fine in Safari. It's even fine if your screen is 640 x 480. Don't believe me? Try it. Of course, it doesn't quite work that well with PDA screens, but I've tried it out with the PSP browser, and I believe it looks fine nearly all the time. I haven't tried it on a PDA, but I believe that it's like to take too long to some considering some of the large pictures I post on my blog. Does that mean I'm going to give up on trying to make my blog work everywhere? Yes. :D I honestly couldn't care less how you read my blog - as long as read it. I'm considering a PSP friendly page, maybe along the lines of psp.cfgt.net. What do you think? :D Then again, maybe not. Until then, enjoy my revisit to the land of Wurms. :D