No need to comment about this one. :D Destroys all creatures but itself. Very straightforward.

Loads of card drawing, good, but otherwise not much more than a 3/3 blocker. *sweat*

What happens when your opponents lose their hands? They'll lose their options including those they might have needed to deal with you.

If you don't need to destroy the lands, you still have a 7/4 indestructible. Pretty handy.

8/8 indestructible. Extremely handy. The ability though, not that much, maybe if combined with the Myojin of Seeing Winds it might cause some havoc... :P

(Article coming later. I'm a little occupied with brainstorming ideas for normal blog posts right now. :D) Card images obviously belong to Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro or whoever or whatever is supposed to own them, OK?)