Review: PSP Game: Lumines

I haven't gotten time to go take some more photos - so you'll have to bear with my worded version of the Lumines review until I do get the time to take photos of my PSP and the other accesories I bought to use with it - I got word the Playgear Pocket is loose in 1 Utama again, so I might get that sometime soon... *grins evilly*. OK now, back to Lumines. Lumines is a simple game that most people will say came from the world of Tetris. It basically involves you making squares out of the same colour. There are only two colours on the screen at any one time. Sounds easy, right? Blocks of four, make squares of four... but in truth - it isn't quite that easy - it's very easy to learn since it has a very simple concept: make squares. My friends in college found the concept a little difficult to understand by just my simple description of make squares.

Well, I would have to admit - making squares is a lot more difficult than you might think - and two colours is enough to prove it. I'm gonna steal some screens of for now - they've kindly put in watermarks in so I don't have to. :D The screens give you little to think about - since part of the game is actually also music. It's quite fun to hear that your subtle movements of pieces in the game actually add sounds into the music - and it sounds pretty good that sometimes, you don't notice that it is from you, responding to your every move in real time.

As with all simple concept games, it is addictive. It reminds me of the time something as simple as falling blocks captured my eye (Tetris) and reminded me that simplicity was always good. After all, I felt this game was better than lining up 3 or more shiny gems in a row (Bejeweled).

I've been only playing this within the past few days since I got it - and I love this game - if only they'd come out with a PC version of the game. ;) Screens coming as soon as I get my hands on the camera!