Tokyo Metro Station - Ginza

This was, of course, taken at one of the Tokyo Metro stations. ;) A scene from the Tokyo Metro station

This side of the station allows entry into the Ginza and Hibiya line of the Tokyo Metro subways - none of which I took. *grins evilly* I only went into the station to have a look at what Tokyo subways look like - and obviously, our Malaysian and Singapore underground stations look a lot better than this - although I'd have to say that it's pretty clean! There are I believe 13 different Tokyo Metro lines - so if you don't know their subway lines - don't take them. I myself have much experience with confusing transit rails so 13 Metro lines + another 3 or 4 main JR lines are not quite as intimidating as it might sound.

I think the man was asking for directions, but I was too busy trying to get the people working there in the photo. They wear some pretty formal looking uniforms and are as helpful as they can get. Until the next photo, I bid you farewell!