Finals Are Coming

My semester finals are coming once again. It is again time to be slaughter at the hands of our written test examiners, who will scour our written answers for any mistakes as well as wanted facts to help us in our quest towards a better future. This is the final obstacle in any semester tha will determine our fate in the future. It is our war, and only we can fight it ourselves. I have not begun my own preparations, as my brain is currently in the restoration process. I will begin my preparation for the unholy war as soon as my neural networks are fully functional (or at least 3% of it is functional). During this reboot process, I have decided to delve into the world of Xenosaga once again, vowing to finish off the storyline section of Xenosaga Episode 2: Jenseits von Gut und Bose by this weekend. I have made my way to Disc 2 within a day, which I think is a good indicator as to how fast I can progress through the remainder of disc 2 that I have yet to explore. This is the same occurence as when Xenosaga Episode 1 showed up in my games folder - and I decided to finish it before my examinations. This time, I will prepare for my examinations thoroughly, I will not falter in my preparations. I believe that my armory is fully stocked for the Business Statistics and Accounting papers, though I am not so sure about Macroeconomics. I believe my ultimate weakness this semester will be my Managerial Communication subject, which I have found to be oddly obscure in nature, despite the fact that it has caught my interest.

I believe that the true challenge will be next semester, where I will face the horrors of Marketing, Business Law and Quantitative Analysis. With this, I end this post with a warning of a coming hiatus that may hit this blog with great force and strength. However, rest assured that if inspiration comes this way during my preparations for these great battle, I will dictate my journals to you. ;)