Disclaimer on Freakishness

End Countdown Rant #8 I'm not a freakish person who's always on the top of the class. I'm only ahead of Yam by a miserable tenth of a mark, if that's a mark at all. Sure, I'm good at economics, I'll admit to that. I'll, however, admit that what happened last semester was freakish. For the oblivious, last semester, I got full marks for my microeconomics mid-semester exam. You know what's worse? The lecturers were actually combing through the few scripts that got full marks like hell trying to take a few marks off.

This time, I thought I'd be able to lay low, since I felt my command of macroeconomics was inferior to the more nerdy people in class. (I'm talking about the true freaks that can score nearly 80-90% in midterms. For Management! We have what must be one of the worst lecturers in my course. Of course, Yam just revealed to me that the Marketing lecturer is worse. Of course, I think the Management lecturer takes the cake for being the most boring.)

Then, our Economics lecturer revealed to us in our tutorials that the top few people will have their names printed on the results list. She told us that she would arrange the results according to merit. I went "Oh, shit!" in class when she announced that. My low profile would now be absolutely at the top in her list.

For something like what would have been the whole tutorial, she kept mentioning my name. It was annoying. Then, when she realised that I was in her tutorial, she went yay, because two of the top three were in her tutorial classes. Like Yam, I prefer to remain unnoticed by my lecturers. I should be the unseen, the unknown, the invisible. Unfortunately, I can't be a retard with where I want to go. I need results good enough to make it into the University of Melbourne, Australian National University or Macquarie University to do Actuarial Science. You can't just waltz in those universities doing a supremely difficult course with substandard grades. And of course, that usually means you can't keep a low profile.

You know what the irony of the Economics marks are? The top three people for the midterms were probably the people who paid the least attention in class. The three of us generally sat down and chatted with our friends for the most part. Are we freakish? I don't know. I would have to say we aren't. I believe the true freaks are those who get those crazy 99.7s from SAM. :D

Signing out. ;)