Chapter 1- 03: Time to Go

The truth behind everything hadn't changed. I was still a lowly engineer working on a high class project and stumbled on to some gold mine. However, from what I had gathered, the TRI already had such technology around 3 years ago. I've seen the effect of the devices. A missile suddenly appears out of nowhere, roughly 10 kilometres away from its target - making it nearly impossible to miss. I decided to replicate the method using the teleportation technology we were working on, except that it didn't work as well. About 60% of the time, the weapon detonated as soon as it was reconstructed, giving it little time to function correctly. I eventually converted the weapon into something that latched onto the target, allowing it to detonate immediately. The problem of stealth still became a problem. That was the only huge discovery I made, and it was more of plagarism rather than an original. After that, the GMTi promoted me to this position, I suppose with the hopeful thinking that I would capable of making the technology viable for transport. I had been researching subspace and hyperspace for years, hoping that there would be some guideline for me to use to form this new ship. It was already time to go. I decided that walking would be safer, since the station would come under attack any time now.

I decided to grab Kamal and Jill along for the ride. The ship I intended to steal needs a few crew members anyway.