What RAM?

My fickle-mindedness strikes again! :DI decided not to go get my two sticks of RAM. I decided not to go to LYP for a while. I have decided to stick to my decision of going to PC Fair to get what I need. Here's what I intend to buy, if you're wondering.

My shopping list: 2 x 512 Kingston/Apacer/Geil/Corsair DDR400 CL2.5 RAM 1 x 800VA KOSS Automatic Voltage Regulator

That's what I intend to buy at PC Fair. About later down the road, I intend to get a 7.1 sound card. (Yes, it may sound like a waste of money to some, but I think it's worth it to get a good sound card for a good system. ;) ) What about even later down the road? Maybe a processor upgrade. Just kidding. A motherboard + graphics card update is more realistic. :D